Who We Are

We launched with a vision to change the way orthotic and prosthetic care is provided.

a boy with prosthetic legs running tracka girl with a prosthetic leg running on a football fieldprosthetic legprosthetic leg

Kansas City’s newest orthotic and prosthetic provider. Started by Loren Decker, CP. Decker Integrated Orthotics and Prosthetics launched with a vision to change the way orthotic and prosthetic care is provided, specializing with “I3” care which places the patient at the center of the care process.

Our approach

“Our desire is to approach each patient with integrity that honors their needs for individualized attention, innovative care with maximum function”

This I3 approach allows for the integration of the patient needs, professional expertise and the highest level of outcome based care expected by the industry.


Integrity means the needs of the patient are put first.  Fitting the patient with what they need, and will give them the highest level of function.


Individualized care means each patient is given the time and attention needed to provide them with the best possible outcome.


Innovative care makes sure each patient is provided with a solution that best meets their needs.

Our Team

Loren Decker, CP
Certified Prosthetist
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Richard Pierson, CPO
Certified Prosthetist Orthotist
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Nancy Anderson
Office Manager
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Christina Moore
Billing Manager
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Let us help you start living the life you deserve

Whether you are wanting to remain independent in your home or your goal is to run a marathon, we want to help you live the life you deserve.

a girl with a prosthetic leg running track