Let your voice be heard

a calculator next to a financial statement

Insurance has been changing rapidly the last five years.  Overall, premiums and out of pocket expenses have increased.  In some cases, this increase has been significant.  The other change that has occurred may not be as apparent to the patient.  That change is the amount of paperwork and time that it takes for prosthetic and orthotic devices to get paid for by insurance companies.  This may result in the process taking longer than it needs to, or even some devices being denied.

What can you do?  

There is something easy you can do.  The Amputee Coalition has created a tool to help patients contact both their legislators and the executives of health insurance companies.  If the limb loss community works together, we may be able to produce change that makes life easier for patients and those providing their care.

Visit AmplifyYourself.org to use their tool.