Are You a Diabetic Amputee?

Did you know 54% of amputations are caused by PVD and diabetes increased your risk for PVD?

What is PVD? It's characterized by low blood flow most commonly in the legs and feet. It is a progressive circulation disorder that involves disease in the blood vessels outside the heart and in the lymph vessels. Organs fed by these vessels such as the brain, heart and legs may not receive adequate blood flow. The most common cause of PVD is plaque development which is composed of cholesterol and other fatty substances found in the blood, but trauma to limbs can also be a cause. 

Although there are many treatment options for PVD and its contributing conditions, there can be complications. Amputation being one of them. Should you find yourself requiring an amputation or preparing for an amputation, we are uniquely skilled to assist with your prosthetic and help you plan for what's to come. 

Every day we help people move forward with their lives after an amputation. We are able to provide you with the latest in socket designs and advanced prosthetic limbs that maximize comfort and mobility.