i-LIMB Ultra Revolution



A Decker Integrated Orthotics and Prosthetics patient was recently fit with an i-LIMB Ultra Revolution by Touch Bionics.  The i-limb Ultra Revolution is one of the most advanced myoelectric hands on the market today.  Its ability to increase function for a patient is remarkable.  It features a powered rotating thumb, 24 Quick Grip patterns and biosim-I control software. 

With the i-limb ultra revolution, your prosthesis offers more dexterity and moves more like a natural hand than any other powered prosthetic hand. Each finger bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp.

Choose from a wide selection of automated grips and gestures to help you complete your daily tasks, such as index point for typing, precision pinch mode for gripping small objects or natural hand position for walking or while at rest.

Utilizing its pulsing and vari-grip features, the i-limb ultra revolution provides the ability to gradually increase the strength of its grip on an object. This can be very useful in situations where a firmer grasp is required, such as tying shoelaces tightly or holding a heavy bag more securely.

If you are interested in being fit with the i-limb, contact our facility at 913-341-2661.

Some of the above story was copied from the Touch Bionics website.